What will you like to show up?

Is there something in you life or in the world, You would like to have show up different?

8 years ago I had a clinic, was addicted to fixing other peoples problems as a nurse and acupuncturist. loved my husband and was being a good mom. Was doing all the RIGHT things in my community by engaging and helping out. There was only one catch to it!! My body that was dying , I had anxiety and joy had left me. Basically the hamster wheel was killing me.

So I had a CHOICE, I could create a different life or die! At the time I did not know that I had choice, but I did have QUESTION and I asked, what will it take to change this? CONTRIBUTION showed up the same day with someone suggesting that I tried Access Bars a relaxing treatment that assists you with letting go of what your Mind have picked up and you have locked into your body. I did not have to do anything but show up and lay down. It gave me an EASE in my body, beyond words.

The question ” what else is possible for me and my body?” showed up. POSSIBILITIES had entered my reality and there was an endless amount of them, all I had to do was learn to ask more questions and receive!

With in a month I got better and could start working again. My body stopped dying and it could heal. I have been changing what is not working in my life with the tools of Access Consciousness where QUESTION, POSSIBILITY, CHOICE AND CONTRIBUTION as key to anything I wanted to change.

We do not learn to ask open questions and receive in todays world. We learn to conclude and look for the right answer and stop asking questions.

I like to invite you to a different possibility with question. I facilitate some classes coming up where we look at the Foundation and learn to be in the question and get out of limitation, both with body and mind.

If you like to come: https://fb.me/e/3YMZpDzpV it will be in English, with German translation, online from your home 10-13th September

or in Danish , LIVE https://fb.me/e/HpILlr2U 16-19th September or if you like to know more about Access Bars and have a session, you can find it everywhere in the world: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/…/you-are-not-alone/ I also give sessions, just contact me.

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